Founded by Heather Lyn MacDonald, Toots Crackin Productions is a video production company based in New York City. We also specialize in photo restoration for documentary filmmakers.

Heather produced and directed the feature documentary Been Rich All My Life, as well as the Sundance Award-winning Ballot Measure 9.  (Both of these documentaries are featured in detail on this website, and are available on DVD with extensive bonus features, and streaming on multiple platforms.)

Been Rich All My Life tells the story of a remarkable group of dancers, getting standing ovations and "busting a move" 70 years after their chorus girl days at the Apollo Theater and the Cotton Club in Harlem. Ballot Measure 9, a chilling portrait of the politics of intolerance, received jury prizes and audience awards internationally — from the Sundance Film Festival to the Berlin International Film Festival. It was often named one of the best films of the year, and continues to be distributed in the educational and home video markets.

Other award-winning documentaries which Heather produced, directed and edited include Kiev Blue and Kitchen Talk USSR, both intimate programs shot in the Soviet Union just prior to its collapse. Each was broadcast by PBS and distributed by Filmakers Library. Kiev Blue continues to be used by those in the LGBT community seeking asylum in the USA. I Am, a short film about personal values was used extensively by educators. I Am had the honor of being chosen to tour the Soviet Union with the “Showcase of American Documentary in the USSR” (which also planted the seeds for her two USSR documentaries).  Nuclear Navyport, New York City, MacDonald's fledgling work, was aired on PBS in New York and used as a tool for environmental advocacy groups.

Heather’s black & white photographic portraits have been in numerous exhibitions in New York City. She has been a screenwriter, and was for many years an actor. She is a long-standing member of Actor’s Equity, SAG-AFTRA.

Heather has received grants and awards from The New York State Council on the Arts,
the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, Peter Jay Sharp Foundation, Ford Foundation, Harburg Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Foundation
and Mary Duke Biddle Foundation. She has recieved two fellowships from the
New York Foundation for the Arts.

Please visit Heather's photo portfolio pages herein,
and also find information on our photo restoration services.